A lemon at the car dealership: Charles Traub’s best phone picture

‘In our vernacular, a lemon is something that’s not right. We have a lot of lemons around’

In Miami, Florida, a few years ago, Charles H Traub was walking past the packed lot of a car dealership when he saw this outsized lemon parked in a vacant spot. “In our vernacular, as I suppose in yours, a lemon is something that’s not right.” What was no doubt a bit of Vegas-style pop art advertising seemed to Traub heavy with metaphoric potential. As he puts it mildly: “We have a lot of lemons around.”

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Traub has been drawn to such incongruent images. The resulting series, Tickety-Boo (published by Damiani), is a visual stream of consciousness that he could only have shot on his phone. “Because you can respond anywhere, and everywhere. And you can do so without looking like a photographer. It frees you from, as we say in New York, schlepping a lot of equipment. People just think you’re on your phone.”

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