‘A lizard hitched a lift in my bag!’: 10 readers on their most memorable holiday souvenirs

From a fountain that looked like a urinal to a Big Mac wrapper from Beijing, readers reflect on the bizarre, brilliant or downright disastrous purchases they brought home

On our way out of the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, we came across a shop selling goods such as bags of salt, candy and beautifully patterned jumpers. I was browsing the little fluffy alpaca toys, which are sold all over the Andes, when I turned a corner and laid eyes on the most enormous one I’d ever seen. I burst out laughing at how rotund and adorable it was. I was obsessed but thought it would be too expensive to take back with me When it turned out to cost about £20, I couldn’t say no. I carried it all the way home, cuddling it on an overnight bus and strapping it into the seat beside me for the 17-hour flight. It brought joy to everyone who saw it and even flight attendants were cooing at it as if it were a baby. It now takes pride of place in my living room and is the best souvenir I have ever bought. Molly Williams, journalist, Sheffield

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