A moment that changed me: I began wearing skirts with pockets big enough to hold a wine bottle

Sick of impractical or nonexistent pockets on women’s clothes, I started making my own historical garments. Now I feel liberated, chat to strangers – and never lose my belongings

I had missed my intended train to London Victoria and was running late. The carriages were busy, but I managed to find a seat and read a few more chapters of the paperback I was enjoying. I was uncomfortable, distracted and worried about my choice of outfit. Would I be overdressed? I should have opted for skinny jeans and a nice blouse, but there was no time to turn around.

My discomfort about my clothing had already put me behind schedule. A baby was crying. I moved seats so that the parents could sit together. A tinny announcement declared that we would unexpectedly have to change at Gatwick due to a staffing issue. Flustered, I texted my friend to let her know I would meet her at the bar.

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