A new start after 60: ‘African dance helped me escape the bullies. Now I teach it’

Whenever she is down, Genny Jones knows that ‘shaking her boombsey’ will lift her mood. On turning 60, she set out to spread the message far and wide

‘In Africa, when a baby is born, you dance. When you reach puberty, you dance.” Genny Jones grew up in Sierra Leone, and her childhood was full of “reasons to dance”. At 15 she moved to the UK and still, she says, “Dance was always at the back of my mind.” This year, shortly after her 60th birthday, Jones qualified as a teacher of African dance.

“My plan is to be a mobile Genny, going different places, stopping, dancing … I want to give back to the community, to lift people up through dancing and laughter,” she says. She already has the wheels, a Suzuki Liana she calls Good Vibes, and has added rainbows to the black paintwork.

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