A new start after 60: I joined a garage band and found my inner punk

With barely any musical experience, Cathy Loughead signed up for an all-female rock band. Now she’s painting her nails, shopping for outfits and ‘thrashing it out’ on stage.

As she approached her 60th birthday, Cathy Loughead made a short list. She wanted to learn a new skill, and go on an adventure. But deciding what sort of adventure was tricky. She imagined something physical – “a mountain somewhere”.

One day, a friend shared a post on Facebook for Unglamorous Music, a project calling for women of all ages in Leicester, where she lives, to start playing instruments and form bands. The meeting was on a Sunday afternoon. “I thought: ‘It will get me out of the house,’” she says.

Tell us: has your life taken a new direction after the age of 60?

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