A new start after 60: I returned to my childhood home – and rediscovered a lost passion

After winning a Bafta for his film work, Mark Frith felt the only way was down. Then he began to draw again, spending two months sketching a tree he had once played in. It was the start of a whole new career

Mark Frith was 57 when he won a Bafta for The Lie of the Land, a documentary about British farming released in 2007. He had been making films for 30 years. But shortly afterwards, he found himself feeling weary. “I thought, things can only go downhill from here.” Frith knew he needed to do something else – but what?

A few years earlier he had bought his childhood home, which his mother had still been renting, and moved in with his wife, Emma, and two children for the final months of his mother’s life. The house, in Gloucestershire, looks out over the Severn vale.

Tell us: has your life taken a new direction after the age of 60?

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