A new start after 60: I wanted to do something stupid when I turned 70 – so I learned to ride a motorbike

Even the instructor was shocked when Ron Williams announced how old he was

When Ron Williams turned 70, he had the urge to do something stupid. “People have this concept of 70, and it did worry me,” he says. “People think of a 70-year-old as elderly. I thought, ‘Right, well, I’ll try and knock that one on the head and do something that isn’t fully expected of an elderly gentleman.’” So he signed up for motorbike lessons.

When Williams arrived at the preliminary road-fitness test in Douglas, the Isle of Man, 20 minutes from his home, the instructor was “rather shocked” to hear his age. “He was very worried,” Williams says. “He had a concept of a 70-year-old as well, so I had to shatter that for a start.”

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