A shopping guide to the best … men’s shirts

Buy, rent or thrift it – alternative ways to shop. This week, a menswear classic for winter

Shirts can be an everyday staple, ready and reliable for any occasion, or the star of the show in a bold print or colour.

Vintage and rental are probably the best places to find statement shirts. The secondhand market lends itself to the more extrovert print, whether it’s a classic autumnal pumpkin plaid on a lumberjack, or something more unusual. Renting a shirt can also be a good way to experiment with more fashion-forward prints: the one from Burberry to rent at Selfridges is a bolder choice.

Men’s rental sites often focus on the formal, but they are also a good place for everyday shirts. But as these are something you will wear a lot, it’s a good item to invest in. Fabrics such as denim and corduroy are a shrewd autumn choice – warm and seasonal.
Laure Cochrane

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