A wicked witch, an invaded pitch and a really big potato – take the Thursday quiz

Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical trivia plus a few jokes every Thursday – how will you fare?

Thursday once more, and it is time to brave the triple challenge of some topical questions, some general knowledge teasers, and some very silly regular features. Will Kate Bush be the correct option this week? Will Ron from Sparks look disapprovingly at your answers? And will you be able to earn a bonus point by spotting a hidden reference to Doctor Who? No anagrams this week, but you’ll all be thrilled to know that the flag round is back. Have fun and let us know how you got on in the comments. I think it might be a tricky one.

The Thursday quiz, No 29

If you do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers, please feel free to email [email protected] but remember, the quiz master’s word is always final, and you wouldn’t want him to cast a spell on you.

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