‘All relationships begin with fantasy’: why young couples are seeking therapy

Therapists are seeing a rise in clients under 30, signalling a shift to a ‘maintenance rather than crisis’ view of the practice

Irene Wu, 28, and Dillon Tang, 24, hadn’t been together a year when they first started couples therapy. The couple, from Los Angeles, started seeing each other in the early days of lockdown, when severe growing pains set in. They found themselves constantly arguing, and their differing communication styles left both of them confused. Specifically, says Wu: “Dillon appeared to “not give a fuck about anything, while I give a lot of fucks.

“We were almost going to call it,” Wu remembers. But then, something changed. “I was telling Dillon about my therapy appointment one day, and he asked, ‘So when are we going to do couples counselling?’”

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