An authority on cocktails, what is the IBA? The Saturday quiz

From a Wigan slappy to an Emin insult, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Who is the only Christian to have ruled China?
2 Which art movement was named from a Tracey Emin insult?
3 What delicacy is a Wigan slappy?
4 Which ancient tree stands in a Perthshire churchyard?
5 In an 1818 novel, who said: “I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam”?
6 Which Commonwealth country’s official language is Portuguese?
7 An authority on cocktails, what is the IBA?
8 Which entertainment awards had 86 categories this year?
What links:
Ox; eagle; lion; man?
10 Kirsty Lang; Tom Sutcliffe; Nick Clarke?
11 Arabian; Bactrian; wild Bactrian?
12 Weber Cup; Mosconi Cup; Ryder Cup; Solheim Cup?
13 Brayton; Carnot; Otto; Rankine?
14 Malaysia; Cameroon; Ghana; Nigeria; St James’s Gate, Dublin?
15 Daphne Bridgerton; Anna Leonowens; Marwood?

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