Aussie rules: a designer’s stunning home in Sydney

As well as being a glorious family house, it’s a test bed for Rachel Castle’s colourful prints and linens

As design laboratories go, Rachel Castle’s Sydney home is hard to beat. It is a place where the Australian designer can road-test her own linens, cushions, throws and textiles, as well as serving as a well-appointed gallery for her paintings and prints. Shared with her English husband Daz and their two children, the house has played an important part in the evolution of her own eponymous homeware brand.

“Everything we make spends a bit of time at home,” says Castle, who launched her business 12 years ago. “I use it as a testing ground for wear and tear, and to see how it works in a real space. If it doesn’t work in my home, then it’s not going to work for our customers.”

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