Bereaved families must get better ‘sadmin’ support | Letter

Steven Wibberley calls on regulators to work together on common processes to ensure people receive empathetic help with administrative affairs

George Monbiot’s awful treatment by Vodafone when dealing with “sadmin” after his mother’s death is sadly all too common ((The ‘sadmin’ after my mother’s death was hard enough – then I encountered Vodafone, 28 July). At Cruse Bereavement Support, bereaved people regularly tell us of multiple phone calls, inconsiderate staff and poor processes when they are dealing with banks, utilities or tech companies.

The problem goes beyond any one company, so we have tried to engage with the government and industry regulators, only to be told last year that “regulators have not identified this area as one with significant concerns” and that “we do not currently think that cross-regulator action is required in relation to death notification administration”.

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