Bin-night bonding: why spring is the perfect time to get to know your neighbours

Being friendly with your neighbours has huge social benefits, and getting started can be as easy as a casual wave hello

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While everyone’s image of their dream home looks a little different, most people will agree that their ideal neighbourhood is filled with friendly faces and neighbours they can rely on in a time of need, whether it’s watering your garden when you’re away or keeping an eye out for a package while you’re at work.

However, as is the case with all friendships, getting to know your neighbours takes time and effort – though potentially less than you may expect.

In a 2020 report from Settlement Services International, researchers spoke to 334 refugees with permanent residency in Australia. Most of the people interviewed reported high levels of trust in their neighbours, despite difficulties having conversations with them due to language barriers. Instead of lengthy chats over the back fence, this trust was built from simple everyday encounters, proving the power of a smile or quick hello in passing.

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