Blah, blah, blah! Why it’s good to blurt it all out like Meghan

Irritated by the people with something to say about everything? So was Lucy Cavendish until she realised the value of opening up and sharing the pain

On the back of the Duchess of Sussex’s comments to Variety magazine about the Queen and how wonderful she was, I started getting cross. It’s not that she was saying anything controversial – just about everybody would probably agree with her sentiments. Nor do I have strong feelings about Meghan. But I found myself being triggered by this apparent need to say something about everything. My irritated inner voice was saying: “Why can’t she just shut up?”

It’s not just Meghan who does this. There’s an endless list of celebrities and influencers, Tik Tok sensationalists and bloggers and vloggers who draw no line between their public and private life.

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