Blind date: ‘We were the last people there – I don’t think that was just down to the cocktails!’

Maddy, 39, a marketing coach for women, meets Jessie, 32, a nurse

Maddy on Jessie

What were you hoping for?
A fun evening, a good story and not to be embarrassingly bad on a date reported in a national newspaper.

First impressions?
Pretty, warm, bubbly.

What did you talk about?
Best fancy dress costumes. Favourite stories from this column. The best way to eat Colin the Caterpillar. The royal family. Charity shop finds. Cities we’ve lived in. Best friends. Crumble.

Any awkward moments?
Maybe one, when I was sad there was no cheese platter for dessert.

Good table manners?
I didn’t notice anything. I ate chips with my hands: she didn’t appear to mind.

Best thing about Jessie?
She’s clearly a people person. I was also very envious of her jewellery.

Would you introduce Jessie to your friends?
For sure, they’d get on well.

Describe Jessie in three words.
Fun, warm, spontaneous.

What do you think Jessie made of you?
Hopefully warm and kind, but we agreed we were on best behaviour. We were the last people in the place, so I don’t think it was just the meal and cocktails keeping us there!

Did you go on somewhere?
Sadly not, as we both had work the next morning. Otherwise, we said we’d have headed to Soho for more cocktails.

And … did you kiss?
Just a hug, but we swapped numbers and a promise to go out again.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
To wear looser trousers so I could enjoy more of the amazing food.

Marks out of 10?
I’m going to go for 8 (awkward if she gives me a three now!

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