Branch out for a sustainable Christmas | Brief letters

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For a completely sustainable alternative Christmas tree (Real or fake: which Christmas tree is most sustainable?, 4 December), we hunt for a small, twiggy branch – easily found at this time of year, especially after a storm – and hang lights and decorations on it. We have ornaments from many years back, so that’s added sustainability. We think it looks amazing; it doesn’t take up much space and rots down afterwards.
Dee Northover

• As a child in the 1950s, I remember my mother ironing Christmas wrapping paper after we had unwrapped our presents to use it again the next year (How to make sure Christmas cards and wrapping don’t end up in landfill, 4 December). Following her thrifty example, my family are still making use of the stock of gift bags I collected from presents given to me by primary school pupils before I retired 15 years ago.
Margaret Cockburn
Morpeth, Northumberland

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