Can stencils help you create perfectly symmetrical brows?

There are numerous ways to shape eyebrows, but perhaps this is the easiest option …

The hack
The trend for perfect eyebrows never seems to abate, with options from microblading to lamination, but are stencils the ultimate hack for Insta-worthy symmetrical brows?

The test
Using a brow stencil is easier than you might think. I chose a medium-arch stencil from the Anastasia Beverly Hills set (£21), and held it in place over my brow using my index and middle fingers. Then I used a small eyeshadow brush to quickly colour them in with brow powder. After removing the stencil, I thought it didn’t look too bad – though I did have to blend some areas with a brush to make them look more natural. And it was a little quicker than my usual brow routine. So they work, but they’re not perfect.

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