Cherry blossom brings a welcome sign of spring to Hackney

It’s a good way to keep track of time in this long year of Covid

Round here, the first real sign of spring is the explosion into bloom of the cherry blossom trees, from Haringey to Hackney, including one outside our house. We look forward to it every year, as it brightens our lives for a few days before departing, leaving behind the hope of warmer days to come. It bloomed the first day we moved in, three years ago next week, which also marks our 10-year anniversary of moving to London.

Spring has a speed. According to the Woodland Trust it’s about two miles an hour. When hawthorn flowers and orange-tip butterflies erupt into life, they do so from south-west to the north-east, inching from Cornwall to the Shetlands over three glorious weeks.

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