Cover your hide: how to care for leather clothing

How to clean, what products to use, and when to take it to the professionals: experts share their tips for making leather last longer

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On the weekend, a friend and I stumbled upon a small vintage shop filled with rack upon rack of leather jackets and coats. The shop had the classic, musty smell of vintage from a certain era that, for me, always conjures up memories of playing dress-ups with my sister when we were very small. Tulle tutus, Glomesh handbags and our grandmother’s fur stole were on high rotation.

Thanks to its natural properties, leather is strong, water repellent and repairable, which means it can last for decades. “Leather is one of those materials that is often misunderstood – both easier and trickier to look after than people think,” says designer Christopher Esber. “It is a naturally durable material, but never without its quirks. Look after it and it will look after you.”

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