Cycling: tips for alleviating saddle-soreness – archive, 18 March 1895

18 March 1895 The Manchester Guardian’s weekly cycling column recommends anti-friction paste and avoiding double-seated riding breeches

The spring’s for us all.” Such was the refrain that kept running through my mind one genuine spring morning last week as I sallied forth on my morning ride. The sun was shining, the air soft and balmy, and the road was good. I felt as if the spring had come specially to minister to my pleasure, and congratulated myself that my constant winter cycling enabled me to enjoy to the full “the long brown road.” The “butterfly” rider knows not what delight it is, after months of muddy, heavy roads, suddenly to find oneself sailing without an effort over a good surface. After the mud-plugging, which has, however, built up and developed the muscles, the work seems ridiculously easy. The “butterfly,” however, who is tempted forth by the favourable conditions returns exhausted after a ten-mile spin.

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