Easy wins: five minutes of fun before the work day begins – ‘it’s the closest I get to childlike joy’

There is a great delight in waking up and knowing that the very first moments of the day are ones that bring you pure joy

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“If it’s your job to eat a frog, you’d better do it first thing in the morning” is a bit of wisdom attributed to Mark Twain that has inspired many an entrepreneurial go-getter. But in my 37 years of endeavour, procrastination, discipline and punishment, one thing I have learned is that even the worst days are infinitely better if you start them not by swallowing the frog, but by being just a little bit kind to yourself.

Consider: which activities bring you joy? What’s your idea of bliss or comfort? What do you do to feel most like yourself? Now, imagine: what if that blissful, comforting, singular joy was the thing you woke up to?

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