Escape your comfort zone: I can’t ride a bike, drive a car or swim. Can I learn to rollerskate?

I am ‘transportationally challenged’ – and would really appreciate an alternative to walking. Even if it involves a few knocks along the way

I consider myself to be “transportationally challenged” – that is to say, I can’t drive a car, ride a bike, ice-skate, ski or swim (at least not in a way that doesn’t endanger others, given my aggressively flailing limbs). Any method of moving from one place to another aside from walking eludes me.

It’s probably no surprise to hear that I can’t rollerskate, either. To me, rollerskating borders on black magic. I watch in awe as pros pull off precarious moves with the nonchalance of someone taking a stroll to the corner shop. It’s an enviable, effortless kind of cool, exemplified by the Berlin-based rollerskater Oumi Janta, whose videos went viral during lockdown. Last June, she posted a clip on Instagram that featured her rollerskating while dancing – backwards. It garnered more than 2.9m views and helped launch a cabal of rollerskating influencers.

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