Experience: I ate 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days

The final one tasted like leather. I don’t plan to eat chicken again for a long time

It began as a way to make myself a little uncomfortable, which I think is necessary in life. I wanted to return to simplicity – eat a cooked chicken every day, with no sauces, no condiments. I never imagined it would take off in the way it did. What captured people’s imaginations? A rotisserie chicken is very evocative: with even just the word, you can smell it, taste it, feel the grease beneath your fingertips. I like that it’s a simple, mundane thing.

The first chicken I ate was exciting. When I started, I began with a knife and fork, but by day 15 I was breaking it up with my hands. It made it more primal. And the flavour changed, too. At first, I enjoyed the dark meat and hated the white meat. By the end, the dark meat grossed me out. I couldn’t bear the smell or the texture of the chicken. My stomach started getting irritated from all the salt.

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