Experience: I bake recipes I find on gravestones

A woman in Alaska got a whipped cream logo carved on her headstone

It all started during lockdown. Like many people, I tried baking for the first time and got a TikTok account. Less commonly, I started learning a lot about cemeteries. I’m studying to be an archivist, and when the pandemic began I had just started an internship at Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC, one of the oldest cemeteries in the US.

Soon my interest became about more than just work. During the pandemic, my local cemetery was one of the few places I could go for a daily walk and I began to see how interesting cemeteries are as repositories for history: you can see how gravestone styles have changed over the years, how different symbols have become more or less important, and also what kind of information people choose to put on their gravestones. In the past it was all names and dates, genealogical stuff, but nowadays people like to add their hobbies or something more personal such as their sexual orientation.

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