Experience: I punctured my lung by eating cereal

I’d got through about a third when I felt an excruciating pain under my shoulder

Accidents happen to me all the time – I play a lot of sports in Melbourne, where I am finishing a master’s degree and potentially storming towards a mixed netball grand final. I have broken my back, dislocated my kneecap, torn my groin and had appendicitis. But it was a piece of cereal that gave me my biggest scare.

I was 16, on a family holiday to Malaysia in 2015. My parents and I were staying at a resort in Kuantan on the east coast. It was just me and Dad at the buffet that morning; we were keen to wolf down a quick breakfast so we could reserve a spot by the pool before it got too busy. Dad grew up in Malaysia, so we used to visit quite often, and whenever I was there I would look forward to a nice bowl of Honey Stars. It was a tradition of mine.

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