Flight might be a fantasy, but to my three-year-old, a bus beats a plane any day

Riding on big red buses makes great conversation wherever you are, according to my son

‘Daddy…’ asks my son in that same voice I know from roughly 80% of our interactions. ‘Do you like going on big red buses?’ He asks me this a few times a day, even while we are literally on big red buses, deploying it as a sort of conversational chaff grenade entirely for subject-changing purposes, much the way you or I might say ‘Sooooooo… how are things?’ when faced with a person whose name you can’t remember at a party.

‘Oh yes,’ I reply, ‘very much.’ His fascination with London buses is quite charming, but it is odd that he is asking this on an aeroplane. It’s our first boys-only trip and I’m quite excited; more so than my son who doesn’t appear to have any fascination with planes compared to the flashier, but altogether more earthbound, vehicles of the London transport network.

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