From the archive: gazing into Paul Newman’s blue eyes, 1986

A celebration of the return of the hustler, this time starring in The Color of Money

Maureen Dowd interviewed Paul Newman, who was starring in Martin Scorsese’s The Color of Money 25 years after he was in The Hustler – at home in Westport, Connecticut and also at his Fifth Avenue penthouse (‘Return of the Hustler’, 30 November 1986).

It began with a description of not only how guarded he was but how sensitive he was to suggestions that those famous blue eyes were more important than his hard work: ‘If you are meeting Paul Newman for the first time, he will have on his sunglasses. As he gets to know you, he will peek over the rims occasionally. As he gets to trust you, he will let the glasses hang from his left ear. The next time you meet, he will take them off.’

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