Good as new: how to resell clothes successfully and responsibly

At its best, preloved fashion can help tackle the problem of over consumption; but clothes that are resold need to be cared for and listed properly

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It’s well established that one of the most pressing issues at the heart of fashion and sustainability is the underutilisation and overproduction of clothing. Too many clothes get made, too many clothes are bought and too many of us own clothes that we don’t wear. The net result is too many clothes being thrown away – a recent report suggests Australians discard 10kg per person to landfill each year.

To combat these alarming levels of waste, organisations such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have been advocating for a circular fashion industry for years. A key pillar of this is using products more, something aided by the recent rise in popularity of resale and rental platforms such as Vestiaire Collective, Depop, The Real Real and AirRobe.

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