Good gourd: how to make the most of zucchini season from fritters to zoodles – recipe

Cookbook author Alice Zaslavsky shares her internet-famous recipe for no-squeeze zucchini fritters, plus prize-winning pickles and spiralised courgettes to convert hardened sceptics

Come summer, whether you’re a kitchen gardener, a farmers’ market meanderer or a specials seeker at the shops, everything’s coming up courgettes, or zucchini, depending on who you ask.

Subject to how much heat you apply, or how much acid or salt you add to break it down, or what starch you bind it with, zucchini sits on a continuum of freshness and density. Its spongy texture and fairly neutral flavour means its role in a dish is less about enhancing the taste, and more about helping to build body. Just call it Arnold Gourdzenegger.

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