Have your cake and eat it: how to cut down on sugar

As a doctor and baking columnist Tamal Ray was better placed than most to understand the pitfalls of his lifelong sugar crush. How can even the most sweet-toothed among us cut down?

The image of a forlorn Ben Whishaw standing in front of a vending machine in the recent TV adaptation of Adam Kay’s memoir, This Is Going To Hurt, did indeed hurt. For many medics, the show seemed less like a drama than a documentary, not least in its grim depiction of how we eat. Many times I’ve been that doctor flagging at 3am and toying with the quandary of whether a Twix or a Twirl should see me through to the end of my shift.

I am an NHS anaesthetist and a self-taught baker who inadvertently took their hobby pro. After my appearance on The Great British Bake Off in 2015, I became a baking columnist for the Guardian but remained a doctor; professionally, you could say I lived something of a double life.

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