How a young couple turned a ‘crap’ old caravan into a luxury family home

Stylist Hannah Bullivant radically downsized into a second-hand static caravan to save for a deposit

In January 2021, Hannah and Dave Bullivant posted a leaflet through every letterbox along the main road in their village. The note asked the residents of Oare in east Kent if they could move their cars on a particular day to make way for a wide load that would be travelling through the village to a field behind their friends’ house.

“There were two or three incredibly tight corners with very, very old buildings on either side,” says Dave. “We knew it was going to be tight.” Within moments of the leaflet landing, Dave’s mobile started to ring. “It caused such a furore,” he recalls. “People were coming out on to their doorsteps to voice their concerns. It took all of my placation skills to calm everyone down and explain that it’s all going to be OK.”

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