How we met: ‘He told me he owned a crossbow, which I thought was really cool’

Catt, 33, first set eyes on Clay, 32, at a gathering of board game enthusiasts. The relationship got off to a slow start because she had a boyfriend. They now live together in Stockholm

In early 2015, Catt was persuaded to attend a meet-up group for board game enthusiasts in London. Although she wasn’t a superfan, she was willing to give it a try. “I was a bit worried about being awkward around new people but decided to go with it,” she says. Before the event, she saw on the group’s website that someone called Clay would be going, too, and bringing a game called Betrayal at House on the Hill.

After moving to London from Melbourne, Clay had been attending meet-up groups regularly to make new friends in the city. “I hadn’t really clicked with anyone at the events, but I wanted to give it another chance,” he says. Catt thought his game “looked really fun” so she sent him a message on the meet-up website asking to try it out. He was impressed by her profile picture. “I definitely wanted to play the game with her,” he remembers.

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