How we met: ‘I turned up to a party dressed as a pirate. But I was the only one in costume’

Tim, 30, couldn’t build up the courage to ask Tumi, 33, out. But his fancy dress broke the ice. They are now married and live together in Michigan

When Tim, who is from Michigan, moved to Qingdao, on the coast of Shandong province in China, for a teaching job in 2017, he didn’t know anyone there. Within a few weeks, he found a bar that was hosting a taco night. “I went along as I thought it would be a cool way to meet new people,” he says. “I remember seeing Tumi with a group of friends, but immediately thought she was out of my league.”

Three months later, they met properly. “Tim’s a musician and was playing at a piano bar,” says Tumi, who is from West Yorkshire. “I told him how great it was because it’s rare to hear live music in the expat community.” Tim still wasn’t brave enough to ask for her number, but they continued to bump into each other over the next few months.

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