How we met: ‘She dumped me on our first date!’

Lynda, 67, and Carl, 66, met through a Facebook support group for widows in 2018. They’re now married and live in Wigan

When Lynda’s husband died in 2015, she had no idea that online support existed. Two years later she stumbled upon a Facebook group for widows and started connecting with others in her situation. “You can’t really know what it’s like until you’ve been through it,” says Lynda. “It was nice to meet a group of people who understood.”

In September 2018, she began speaking to Carl, who’d been widowed earlier that year. “After my wife, Pam, died, I didn’t see anyone for days,” he says. “I hadn’t really used Facebook before but I hoped joining a group for widows might be a way to meet people.” Both he and Lynda had each been married for more than 40 years. “I clocked her on the group and read some of her messages,” remembers Carl. “I thought she was very positive and spoke about things she enjoyed in life, as well as her husband.”

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