‘I don’t like shooting people – cows are more honest’: Jeremy Piloquet’s best phone picture

A trip to the dump resulted in a chance encounter with a dramatic herd of animals

Jeremy Piloquet doesn’t like shooting people. Cows, he says, will always be more honest. “When I started out three years ago, I tried street photography, but I was so much more drawn to people’s shadows or silhouettes, their outline from behind – or, even better, when there was no one around. With social media and selfie culture, people are always trying to show their best smile, their best selves. I don’t like that. Animals don’t perform – they act just as they are.”

Piloquet took this picture of the herd when returning from his local rubbish dump, having spent a summer’s day emptying his garage. He stayed on his side of the fence, pulled up some grass and lured them over with words of encouragement: “Come on, girl” and, “Time to eat.”

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