‘I have been wearing this look for 20 years’ – the people who never change their style

From the priest who wears his collar on holiday to the tailor who suits up for absolutely everything, here are the people who have found their look – and aren’t going to change it for anything

I always wear Issey Miyake tunic dresses and shawls, in various colours, with leggings and boots in winter, secured with three vintage Bakelite brooches. I have been wearing this uniform for about 10 years. After I gained weight, I couldn’t find anything that looked good and was in my size. I discovered the Japanese designer on eBay, where I also discovered vintage handbags and briefcases, and Bakelite jewellery, to accessorise with. All of these items are reasonably priced on the secondhand market, and I like the sustainability: I have had some pieces for a decade, and they are still in great shape. It’s fun to have someone drive by and say: “I love your clothes!” That gives me a kick. I don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes any more, and it takes me five minutes to get dressed. I know which clothes fit and look good, and being dressed in beautiful clothing helps to combat ageism and fat shaming. Leslie Dollen, retired, Minnesota

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