I really don’t want to get Covid, but the loneliness gets greater every day. How do I keep going? | Leading questions

Think of the precautions you take as marks of consideration, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. It’s easier to stand out for something you stand by

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I really don’t want to get Covid. I don’t (knowingly) have any underlying conditions, and I have never been afraid of dying of the virus, but there is so much evidence about its potential medium- and long-term effects, to say nothing of long Covid. I cannot convince myself that getting Covid is a risk worth taking.

In some ways I lead a reasonably normal life. I don’t obsessively follow the news about case numbers and scientific studies. I work in the office some of the time, and I will take public transport. I spend time walking and gardening. I see friends who either feel as I do or are willing to accommodate me. But the mental burden of saying no to social activities because they involve groups of people indoors, being the only person in the room in a mask, and in general of feeling that I am completely at odds with the society in which I live, seems to get greater every day.

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