‘If there’s peril, I’ll be there,’ says UK’s youngest female lifeboat helm

RNLI crews risk their lives daily helping people in British waters – regardless of where they might come from. We meet one of the new generation of life savers

Hurtling into town on a bike in the small hours of the morning wearing a tiger onesie might not be that unusual for the average 21-year-old. But if Amelia Luck from Fowey, Cornwall, is doing it, she isn’t rushing to a party or a rave – she is heading to the lifeboat station, responding to an emergency call-out that can come at any time of day or night.

“When you hear that beep from the pager, your heart does a little jump and, well, you just run, no matter what time it is. You don’t know what situation you’re going to, you just go,” she said.

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