I’m now sober, but feel guilty about a friend I left behind | Ask Philippa

Your friendship may survive your sobriety, but you will need to set boundaries and stick to them

The question I left London to start a new life in the country before the pandemic, aged 45. The reasons for me doing so were numerous. However, one of the biggest was to get sober. My life in London was no longer sustainable and doing me considerable mental, emotional and physical harm.

My drinking had got out of control and the occasional party cocaine use of my 20s had turned into a regular and self-destructive habit. Two-and-a-half years on I am in a much better place and have found that contentment can be found in sobriety. I love waking up feeling fresh and positive rather than fighting through constant hangovers. I’ve formed new friendships based on more than getting messed up together.

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