In 2021 I ran 2,000km. It was the first resolution I’d kept longer than two weeks

It took an app, a long lockdown and pushing through injury for Benjamin Giles to reach his self-imposed target. But most of all, it took obsession

In the second year of the pandemic I ran 2,000km. This was a big leap from the first year of the pandemic, and the preceding 50 years, during which I’d only ever dragged my Dad bod around the same five-kilometre route a few times a week. In running terms I was stagnating, so my New Year’s resolution was to run further and faster. Go Forrest!

To help, I downloaded a running app to track each effort. The GPS recording of times, routes and distances turned into a challenge (obsession) to go faster and beat personal records. I re-read Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and imagined myself following his disciplined daily running routine.

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