In a season of weddings and baby showers, what can single people do to celebrate their lives?

Do you want a ritual defined by the absence of settling down, asks advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith, or just one without its trappings?

I am a mid-20s (mostly) hetero woman. I am a happily single, independent person, and take pride in having an adventurous life, being a good friend, travelling extensively and keeping a fulfilling job. I’ve had some amazing romances, exciting sex and short-term relationships, but as yet I’ve not had the kind to “write home about”. Generally speaking, I am happy with this. However, when I do have lonely periods or feel down, society’s pressure to conform makes these feelings worse.

After a season of weddings, engagements, baby showers and such, I’m left wondering how I can affirm and celebrate my single lifestyle with family and friends. I wonder if having some customs or rituals I could participate in or look back on would be useful?

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