‘It is like revisiting my childhood in vivid, high definition’: Gerry Brakus’s best phone picture

While taking shots of her daughter during a holiday in France, memories of the photographer’s own youth flooded back

It was a stiflingly hot day in the south of France and editor and photographer Gerry Brakus and her 15-year-old daughter, Honor, had gone indoors to cool off. Along with her husband – the couple are both half English, half French – and beloved dog Rudy, the cavapoo, they were holidaying near Avignon. “I spent a lot of my own childhood in France,” Brakus says, and when she photographed her daughter there, “my old childhood memories came rushing back – things I’d completely forgotten.”

“The French are very resistant to change, very traditionalist, so the interiors and colours have hardly moved on at all,” she adds. “I’m never deliberately looking for something that emulates my childhood; it’s just bizarre how similar it all is – like revisiting that time in vivid, high definition.”

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