‘It starts as a line of light, then works its way across my vision’: the disorienting mystery of migraine auras

It’s easy to start panicking if you start seeing zigzag patterns or flashing lights. They’re probably caused by a migraine – even if they’re not accompanied by a headache

Lee Ashdown was in the pub having a quiet drink after work when suddenly he looked over and couldn’t see half of his friend’s face. “I assumed I’d had too much to drink because I just felt completely disoriented.” He quickly made his excuses and left, going straight to bed when he arrived home.

But the distorted vision recurred and soon settled into a pattern. “It starts as a fuzzy line of light in the bottom corner of both eyes and works its way across my field of vision over an hour,” says the 37-year-old auditor from Heathfield, East Sussex. “Then it slowly disappears off into the top corners. That’s when the headache kicks in.”

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