It’s just me and the dog – are we a ‘hard-working family’? | Brief letters

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I am a woman over 60, child-free, and I work full-time. It’s just the whippet and me at home. Do we count as a “hard-working family”, often mentioned by the government but rarely, if ever, defined? I’m interested to learn whether working people living alone, save for their dogs or cats (other pets or none are available), have value. Sometimes I doubt it.
Susan Humble and Kenzo
Amersham, Buckinghamshire

• After a traumatic birth in the 1970s, I was left with excruciating pain trying to breastfeed (Turns out breastfeeding really does hurt – why does no one tell you?, 9 May). A screaming baby removed to the night nursery in hospital did not help my mental state. Along came a down-to-earth ward sister who told me to set my alarm every four hours and have the bottle ready. It worked. A contented baby, with dad involved too. This approach saved me from more serious problems.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

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