It’s time for me to take my young son to the cinema… | Séamas O’Reilly

But can anything except for Paw Patrol captivate him?

Before I had a child, I liked to tell myself I’d be one of those cool dads who took his son to fancy foreign movies and difficult, urgent theatre. So far, this has not come to pass. If anything, I’ve stood by as he has endured some of the worst entertainments ever create, while myself becoming addicted to some of the best – like Hey Duggee and Bluey – to which he has introduced me.

I didn’t get to take my son to his very first cinema trip, which was to see Paw Patrol: The Movie a few months ago. I was either on a big deadline, or else had pitched something so that its deadline would mean I didn’t have to sit through Paw Patrol: The Movie, but either way my wife got to see the joy on his face at discovering that they put Ronan Keating and Kim Kardashian together in a film about libertarian dogs.

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