Let’s celebrate TV’s winners (me!) rather than pat ourselves on the back for diversity | Romesh Ranganathan

By shouting loudly about how diverse the awards are, all you do is make people wonder if it’s a manufactured move and, by implication, not actually real

I was attending the Baftas earlier this month (I realise I sound like a wanker – the sort of wanker who writes a column about the Baftas because he won one) and was asked if I could do a few press interviews after the event. I always get slightly nervous about these. They get sprung on you, and you don’t properly think about what you’re saying, and the next thing you know, you’re being asked by your agent why you told somebody from Heat magazine that you are in favour of child slavery.

I wasn’t prepared for the questions I ended up being asked, and found myself wishing that I had requested some time to think about my responses. Because almost every question was: “What do you think about the fact that this is the most diverse group of winners the awards has ever had?”

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