Life in full bloom in a floral designer’s home

Swans and blossoms abound in the charming Rye cottage of a flower expert who works in film

Peering through the gate that opens on to Tamsin Scott’s cottage in Rye, East Sussex, I imagine the star of a period drama, trailing skirts swishing as she makes her way up the garden path. Barely contained planting cascades across flagstones in a froth of snapdragons, lupins and lavender. The effect, says Scott, is the quintessence of English gardening: “Rambling, luxuriant, a little eccentric.”

Scott knows about these things. As the floral designer behind Amazon’s genre-fluid series The Great, or Autumn de Wilde’s macaroon-hued film version of Emma, her job is to ensure that the on-screen flora is “narrative appropriate”. A hothouse jasmine for Jane Austen’s aspirational Emma; “over-the-top cascades of wild roses” for Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great. “Flowers can tell their own quiet story,” she says.

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