‘Momfluencers’ should make room for the reality of parenting | Letters

Rosie Weir says we need to stop fetishising the ‘perfect mother’; Laura Cartwright finds that humour helps. Plus letters from Dr Brigid Purcell and Margaret Keeley

I agree with Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett that many of the “momfluencer” accounts on social media seem to be designed to make us normal mums (the ones with toys all over the floor and a pile of dirty laundry) feel like we are failing (For modern mothers, the toxic pull of the ‘momfluencer’ feels inescapable, 25 July).

However, what I have found more difficult to cope with is the photographs that women I actually know post of their perfectly clean houses, picture-perfect kids and the social lives they have somehow managed to keep. I think that mothers in general would really benefit from being able to just admit that it’s hard to be a mum.

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