My beloved parents treat me as if I am still 10 years old

It’s time to break free, says Mariella Frostrup. They may be acting from the most caring of motives, but you can’t allow your family to prevent you being your best possible self

The dilemma I am a woman in my early 30s. I have financial independence, a job I love, my own home, wonderful friends, and pets I adore. Despite all of this my parents, who I love dearly, still treat me as if I’m 10. How I spend my money (even on groceries) is monitored. New clothes or books are noted and commented on. I would like to try new hobbies, but my mother always comes up with a reason why I shouldn’t. With my father it’s more about my physical safety: I’m not allowed to travel or take jobs in certain cities.

I’ve tried moving away, limiting calls and only visiting once a week. This has not been successful. I feel like I am incapable of functioning without their opinion or presence, but is that because I need them, or because of how I’ve been raised?

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